Who We Are

Who We are

Every person within Accessibility Global has a crucial role to play in creating a more Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive and Accessible workforce. Individuals can contribute to creating a sense of belonging by validating the lived experiences of human beings with disabilities by engaging in a continuous cycle of learning, evolution and empowerment with a focus on success, representation, growth-minded practices and working together through sustainable technologies.

Accessibility Global is coming together to become the best possible system for everyone.

Accessibility Global Mission Statement 

The mission of the Accessibility Global Program is to serve as consulting firm providing information and available services on various types of accessibility. AG’s mission is to get everyone talking, collaborating and improving accessibility in digital world and more. There are approximately One Billion people with disabilities/impairments. AG offers opportunities for us all to know current available accommodations that are available currently. Or to create new through innovations. AG also provides conscious raising consultations thus we together can frame our practices and designs forward to a more equitable & inclusive world. 

What the future in the world would be like, in communication; increased connectivity; sustainable buildings & technology and other technologies integrated in humans. 

We dream at the edge of what is possible, we push until we have solutions for this complex world of challenges. 

  • Collaborativein areas ofeducational technology, being inventive, embrace authentic language and culture as well. Some solutions we work with would include Artificial Intelligence, pilot projects, research and Labatory testing. The language standards change constantly, and us people with lived experience creating solutions with you. 

Let’s get started partnering on creating a more accessible, equitable sustainable world. AG provides resources on accessible technologies, innovation in education, and partnering with information technology for the Accessibility Consumer Technology (ACT) environment. 

An accessible world is a better world for everyone as we all continuously connecting people via sustainable technology, education, languages & culture and most importantly of all is Accessibility included instead of an afterthought.  

A Simple Change Makes a Big Difference –  

  • Through consultation, collaboration, coordination, and cooperation and an ongoing development.
  • Accessibility Global Program will address identifyingand creating solutions on accessibility in the following areas:
  • Websites, including other forms of electronic information
  • Instructional materials
  • Electronic media
  • Software, hardwareand systems through technologies hub
  • Procurement
  • Training through the webinars (Virtual and Live)
  • Workforce and Job opportunities program
  • Many more

Accessibility Global Vision 

We envision the accessibility in technologies, languages, education and cultural sustainability in which all electronic, information, and communication resources are seamlessly available to everyone. 

Along with the mission of the Accessibility Global Program is to serve as a resource to bring value to the community in achieving a sustaining accessible languages, education, and information technology for the Accessibility Consumer Technology (ACT) environment. 

Through consultation, resource development, and training. The Accessibility Global Program will address accessibility through the partnership and collaborations in the following areas: 

  • Websites, including other forms of electronic information 
  • Instructional materials 
  • Electronic media 
  • Software, hardware and systems through technologies hub 
  • Procurement 
  • Training through the webinars (Virtual and Live) 
  • Workforce and Job opportunities program 

Accessibility Global – Road Map with Sustainable Goals 

Develop the accessibility through the emerging technologies, cultural and education sustainability with intellectual rigor and ethical integrity, and to apply our findings to support the consumers, communities, scholars, policymakers, federal, government, stakeholders around the USA and globe in their efforts to shape technologies, languages and cultural futures on their own terms. 

  • Promote the value of development by focusing on languages, education, technology and cultural aspects. Also, we will be maintaining, and purchasing accessible electronic, information and communication technologies, including Websites, software, and instructional materials through the partnership. 
  • Develop training resources and offer training opportunities. 
  • Partner with Procurement and Contracting Services to enhance the accessibility of all resources personnel and identify effective alternative services when access is not technically possible. 
  • Partner with stakeholders and universal designers to promote the accessibility and universal design of in-person, hybrid, and online courses and training opportunities.  
  • Perform research, and audit resources and work with responsible parties to improve accessibility when problems are identified. 
  • Host annual Summit, Conference and International Celebration of the Arts and Culture to provide international exposition of living culture and technology to be placed outdoors or indoors in Washington, D.C., with focus on accessibility in technologies, languages, education and cultural sustainability. It is an educational presentation, panel, forum and demo that features community-based exemplars. Free to the public service and networking, like others, each festival typically draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

Meet Our Team

Board of Advisors


Karunya Samuel

Co-Founder / CEO

Cham Le

Cham Le

Co-Founder / President Board

image (2)

Al El-Nattar

Chair Board, Executive Capgemini


Rahul Jha

Advisory Board, Global Researcher, Switzerland

Photo of Ingrid Parkin, light skinned female with short blonde hair

Ingrid Parkin

Advisory Board, Global Special Education Project, South Africa


Sam Sepah

Advisory Board, Chief of Global Business Development and Innovative Accessibility Technology


Kate O'Regan

Advisory Board, Triforce Impact Firm


robert Mather

Advisory Board, Counsel

Accessibility Global

Executive Team


Jody Kulchinsky

Vice President, Chief of Staff


Ellen Roth​

Vice President, Communication and Strategic Development


Keith Delk

Vice President, Innovation and Accessible Technology


Greg Hlibok

Global Leadership Development Consultant

Mindy Drapsa smiling at the camera with black shirt and glasses

Mindy Drapsa

Global Avatar / Innovation Technology Consultant (Sweden)


Terence Parkin

Global Business Development Consultant


Kent Babson

Global Business Development Consultant

Accessibility Global
Accessibility Global

Staffing Team


Connor Kim

Administrator, Visual Technology Solutions

Accessibility Global
Accessibility Global

Global Leadership Development Group

Alim Chandani

Global Leadership Development Consultant

Photo of Matt Malzkuhn

Matt Malzkuhn

Global Leadership Development Consultant


Ryan Maliszewski

Global Leadership Development Consultant

Andrea Sonnier

Global Leadership Development Consultant


Rachel Bass

Global Leadership Development Consultant


Craig Radford

Global Leadership Development Consultant


Julio Rodriguez

Global Business Development Consultant


John Maucere

Global Business Development Consultant​

Murali Kuppusamy

Murali Kuppusamy

Global Leadership Consultant

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Jackie Reyes-Yanes

Director, District of Columbia, Mayor's Office of Community Affairs

Kari Cooke

Director, District of Columbia, Mayor’s Office of Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard of Hearing


Karen Quinones

Deputy Director, District of Columbia, Mayor’s Office of Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard of Hearing

Matthew McCollough wearing a suit, dress shirt, and tie in front of USA flag

Mathew McCollough

Director, District of Columbia Government Office of Disability Rights (ODR)

Dr. Joseph Murray

World Federation of the Deaf President


Pamela Molina

World Federation of the Deaf Executive Director

Sean Norman

Program Coordinator, District of Columbia, Mayor's Office of Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard of Hearing

Photo of light skinned male with short hair, smiling toward the camera with arms crossed.

Jason A. Corning

Partner, Mizaru

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Lisi Whitworth

CEO & Founder of Eventida

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