**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Accessibility Global and Deaf Star Travel Announce a Groundbreaking Fully Accessible Cruise Experience

Baltimore, MD – Accessibility Global (AGG) in partnership with Deaf Star Travel is thrilled to announce a pioneering event in accessible travel: a fully inclusive cruise tailored specifically for the Deaf community. This cruise is scheduled to set sail from Baltimore Harbor on July 1, 2025, following the conclusion of the 2025 Inclusifest in Washington, DC.

This unique venture marks the first-ever collaboration between AGG and Deaf Star Travel, combining their expertise in accessibility and travel services for the Deaf and hard of hearing. The cruise offers an unrivaled opportunity for up to 2,000 guests to enjoy a luxury experience designed with communication accessibility at its core.

Event Highlights Include: Workshops and Lectures: A series of educational and social events designed to facilitate networking and learning. And tax write off as business trip.
– Post-Inclusifest Relaxation and Networking: After the excitement of Inclusifest, guests will have a perfect setting to relax and make lasting connections.
– Scenic Departure: The cruise will embark from the historic Baltimore Harbor, providing guests with stunning views and a seamless transition from Inclusifest.

Deaf Star Travel is known for its successful organization of the first all Deaf/all ASL cruise, which hosted 4,000 passengers. This upcoming cruise promises to offer a more intimate and high- quality experience, focusing on the needs and feedback from the community.

How to Register: Stay Informed: For the latest updates and information on how to be part of this incredible experience, guests are encouraged to scan the QR code included below or visit AGG’s website.
– Sign Up Early: Spaces are limited. Secure your spot on this historic cruise and be part of a journey that promises to be as enriching as it is enjoyable.

“We are excited to host this innovative cruise right after Inclusifest 2025,” said a spokesperson for AGG. “Our goal is to provide a travel experience where accessibility is seamlessly integrated. We look forward to welcoming our guests for what promises to be an unforgettable journey.”

Join us for this unique experience. Sign up now, and be prepared for an amazing ride!
Contact: Deaf Star Travel: Aaron Rudner; Lead Travel Tour Designer
Accessibility Global: Core Team; Lead DC Inclusifest 2025, partnering with Deaf Star Travel

www.accessibilityglobal.com & Email: Info@accessibilityglobal.com.

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