**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Accessibility Global Announces Inaugural “Inclusifest” – A Revolutionary Fusion of Accessibility, Technology, and Arts**

Accessibility Global is excited to unveil “Inclusifest” – a pioneering festival set to captivate Washington D.C. in June 2025. This avant-garde gathering will merge cutting-edge technology with an array of artistic expressions, including film, theater, storytelling, painting, and digital art, to champion the diverse scope of human creativity and inclusivity.

Samuel Karunya, President of Accessibility Global, shared, “Inclusifest represents a pivotal shift toward universal design and the innovative use of technology to break down communication barriers, all while maintaining our commitment to sustainability. This festival heralds a new era where accessibility is integral, not just an add-on.”

Inclusifest promises a universally welcoming experience for all attendees, including those with hearing impairments, physical disabilities, visual impairments, and anyone who benefits from groundbreaking technologies that expand personal autonomy. The festival provides a prime platform to engage with the latest advancements that are currently transforming lives. It’s an ideal occasion for exploration, education, and celebration of groundbreaking innovations in Artificial Intelligence [AI], Avatar, Emiergency/Disaster communications and accessible technology.

The festival will also spotlight the critical role of American Sign Language (ASL) and international sign languages, celebrating the Deaf community’s rich contributions to global culture. Ellen Roth, Vice President of Accessibility Global, noted, “The growing recognition of sign language worldwide underscores its importance in enhancing communication. Adopting a bimodal, bilingual approach is a significant step toward broader inclusivity. Sign language provides a vital means for expressing the full spectrum of human emotions, affirming the universal necessity for connection and language. At Inclusifest 2025, we will showcase how ASL enhances artistic endeavors.”

Inclusifest 2025 will feature a series of roundtable discussions, exhibitions, and presentations that delve into the latest innovations in extended realities (Virtual Reality [VR], Augmented Reality [AR], and Mixed Reality [MR]) and accessible technologies. These interactions will highlight how digital tools can foster equality for individuals with disabilities and include various dialogues on visual and sign language rights—all designed to improve living standards for us all and pay homage to our planet.

Ellen Roth further explained, “Inclusifest is set to demonstrate the transformative power of technology in connecting us, eliminating barriers, and fostering inclusivity. The event will focus on closing the communication gaps and celebrating the myriad forms of art, deeply respecting our environmental and cultural legacies.”

Accessibility Global invites innovators, developers, artists, and thinkers globally to join in this unique convergence of technology and creativity, providing a vibrant platform for collaboration and inspiration.

Event Details: Inclusifest, June 2025, Washington D.C., the heart of the nation.

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Email: Info@accessibilityglobal.com; AGG’s core team will be in touch with you.

About Accessibility Global:

Accessibility Global is a leader in promoting accessible environments through innovative technology and inclusive design principles. Committed to sustainable practices and cultural inclusivity, Accessibility Global strives to create environments where everyone can thrive.

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